My Plans

My Fellow Americans,

 Thank you for taking the time to read this and giving me a chance to explain my plans for this blog. I recently heard this quote from Albert Einstein ” A problem well-defined is a problem 1/2 solved”. I pray GOD will guide my words in a way that defines this problem well. The very rights HE gave me to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness depend on it.

My name is Chris. I work as a commercial fisherman and a photographer. I am a Christian Father, Husband, Son, Grandson, an American, and a peaceful defender of GOD given freedom. I love my family, my GOD and the freedoms he gave me. I also believe knowledge, ideas, and words have more power than any weapon. I will choose my words carefully and use them forcefully.

My plan is to take pictures of the commercial fishing trips my mate Jay and I go on. I will post the best of them and tell the story about that few days at sea. There is a sad but real chance that these trips will be some of the last anyone will ever have the freedom to make. I will do my best to convey the feeling of being there. You will know the soaring highs and the crushing lows that come with fishing. I will explain how environmental extremist and government bureaucrats have at best mismanaged the fishery and may well be maliciously plotting to destroy it. I will offer positive solutions that would allow fishermen to responsibly harvest a healthy and sustainable resource. Commercial fishermen give you access to our Nation’s seafood. The laws that are being passed will take away the freedom of every American to fish or access public resources on thousands of square miles of OUR sea floor. Amendment 17 A from the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAFMC) will even give unelected bureaucrats the power to close the entire U.S. South Atlantic ocean bottom. It says that they have the authority to take  “unspecified drastic action” to stop the capture of any Red Snapper after the quota is met. This law will force fishermen to throw back every Red Snapper we catch until they decide enough of the fish we discarded have died in numbers sufficient to fill the quota. Then comes the “unspecified drastic action”. This is a chance to stand united and stop the government bureaucrats from adding to the thousand cuts that are killing Lady Liberty. Read my updates to learn how we can peacefully defend our GOD given freedoms from bad science and good intentions. Is the loss of Liberty any less tragic if it is taken with good intentions by fellow Americans, rather than foreign enemies?

The regulations in place have drastically cut the income of most fishermen including myself. I plan to use the free market and pictures I have taken on and around the water to create another source of income for myself and my fellow fishermen. We will sell matted prints and calendars to earn money. You can support the free market and your fellow Americans with the purchase of something you need anyway. Please consider giving them as gifts. The photo on the opening page of the snapper boat at sunset is the Dec. picture in the Natural Art and Commercial Fishermen’s Assistance 2011 Calendar. The lightning shot at the bottom of this post is on the cover. For now you can place orders by contacting me at With the support of good people like you I will be able to focus on this fight to defend our freedom. Let me know if someone refered you to this site so they can get credit for your purchase. I want to help as many people as possible make some money. I hope you like the stories and photos I will share with you. My next fishing trip will be around the first of May. You will see another post when I get back from that trip. I might post something about the problems in the snapper grouper fishery and some positive solutions to them if I have time before going fishing. GOD bless you and America.


About freefish7

I am a commercial snapper grouper fisherman and photographer. Goverment regulations have destroyed the fishery I love.
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2 Responses to My Plans

  1. Corey says:

    Great post, I look forward to reading about your next fishing trip. What will you be fishing for/ what can you fish for?

  2. Jan Pilanski says:

    I sent you an email – I hope to hear from you
    you can find me on facebook
    Jan Bebel Pilanski — read some of my NOTES under my notes tab – and you can see that I am a freedom loving American just like you and I really hope to somehow be able to help you and others in your area dealing with the oil disaster.
    Bye for now,

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