Bureaucrats Sold Our Freedom for $2,000

Nine members of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council sold our freedom last week for $2,000. I gave my public comments on Tuesday. I called on the members that felt compelled by hard deadlines and congress to pass Amendment 17A, to resign in protest. I asked them not to take our freedom, waste our resources, and destroy our businesses. The “men” that had told me they would not pass these laws on their loved ones, sold our freedom for $2,000. These are just 13 unelected bureaucrats that meet 4 times a year for a week. The are paid with our tax dollars to rule us with an iron fist and they have the full weight of the federal government behind them. They look down on us with contempt as we plead for mercy at their meetings. They are leeches on society. One of the evil leeches told a fellow fisherman “that he understood that I enjoyed commercial fishing for a living and was succesful, but I needed to join the rest of the human race and find another job even if it wasn’t what I enjoyed to do.” These are the kind of people our government has sent to help us. We did not ask for their help. The regulations they had put in place over the past couple of decades have worked well. They claim to have mismanaged most of those fisheries to the point of collapse. Most of America’s fisheries are recovering from overfishing in the 70’s and 80’s. There are only a handful of commercial fishermen left to keep our heritage alive and continue giving you access to safe American seafood. We are an endangered species. We are not destroying the sea the way environmentalist and bureaucrats would like to say we are. There have been some bad fishermen and fishing practices in the past and I am sure there are still a few today. The vast majority of commercial fishermen love the water and want to responsibly harvest our Nation’s seafood and give you access to it.  

Plato said long ago that “The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men.” The apathy of many fishermen including myself has left us to be ruled by evil men. It is not to late for us to stand united with the American people who we provide with fresh seafood. We the people have the power to demand common sense regulations based on sound science that allow hard-working American fishermen to survive. Those bureaucrats think the American people will sit by and do nothing as they attack a minority group without the money, power, or numbers to defend itself. They depend on apathy to allow them to slowly cut away at our liberty. This is a chance to take a stand and stop the evils of bureaucracy from destroying a way of life that goes back to days of Jesus and before. Commercial fishing cannot be that bad if Jesus and some of his apostles did it. 

The Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke still has to sign his name to Amendments 17A and B. He is the last man standing between common sense and the closure of most of the U.S. South Atlantic sea floor to recreational and commercial fishing. Please contact Sec. Locke and ask him not to sign Amendments 17A and B. It is just that simple. We can keep this freedom to fish if enough Americans will take a few minutes to do this. Please do not sit by apathetically and do nothing as evil triumphs over a minority group that is the real endangered species. Please remember that this is your freedom to fish or enjoy safe American seafood. Here is the Secretary’s contact information.

Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke                                                U.S. Department of Commerce 1401 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC 20230




About freefish7

I am a commercial snapper grouper fisherman and photographer. Goverment regulations have destroyed the fishery I love.
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  1. Lori French says:

    Excellent blog! We fish the West Coast.

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