Our united front stopped a loss of Liberty

We the People stopped government bureaucrats from taking our freedom to recreationally and commercially bottom fish on over 4,800 square miles of our seafloor. Our united voice was loud enough that they could not ignore it. We can defend Liberty and make our government listen to us if we stand united against any attack on our GOD given freedom.  

The area closure we stopped was the one in Amendment 17A. We still need to stop the much larger area closure in Amendment 17B. That closure will take our freedom to fish our seafloor from 240′ of water out to the end of the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone from Virginia to Key West. The bureaucrats will not even calculate how many square miles this is. They want to take this freedom to fish based on the lack of data on two fish. They will destroy our jobs and take your freedom to access safe American seafood from those waters because their ignorance. The Warsaw Grouper and Speckled Hind have never been species with high numbers in the U.S. South Atlantic. Some fish are naturally more abundant than others. We can have healthy populations of those species without the loss of Liberty.

The Sec. of Commerce, Gary Locke, is the man who will sign away this freedom to fish. We the People can stop him if enough Liberty loving Americans will ask him not to sign Amendment 17B. This is a very simple way for you to get involved and help pass a little more of our GOD given freedom on to the next generation. Please contact Sec. Locke at TheSec@doc.gov or (202) 482-2000.

Thank you so much for your help defending this freedom I love. We have won a great victory and I am confident we can stop the area closure in Amendment 17B. I also want to help you defend a Liberty you cherish if it is threatened. Please go to the United Front page of my website to learn how we can work together to defend all of our GOD given freedoms. www.freefish7.com


About freefish7

I am a commercial snapper grouper fisherman and photographer. Goverment regulations have destroyed the fishery I love.
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